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Pearl Bracelets

Our freshwater pearl bracelets make stylish accessories for you or a refined and beautiful gift for a loved one. Discover a variety of styles in our collection including bracelets with pearls that can be layered or worn alone. Choose a simple and elegant single pearl bracelet or opt for a more opulent seed pearl bracelet.

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Silver cluster pearl bangle on a white surfaceSilver cluster pearl bangle around a wrist with the hand in a blue denim pocket
White Gold Large Pearl BraceletWhite Gold Large Pearl Bracelet
Silver Labradorite Gemstone BraceletSilver Labradorite Gemstone Bracelet
Baroque gold bangle with pearl on white backgroundBaroque gold bangle with pearl on wrist with hand in jean pocket
Silver small pearl anklet on a white backgroundGold small pearl anklet around an ankle
White Gold Pearl Drop BraceletWhite Gold Pearl Drop Bracelet
White Gold Small Pearl Cluster BraceletWhite Gold Small Pearl Cluster Bracelet
Gold large pearl anklet on a white backgroundGold large pearl anklet worn around an ankle with beige heels
Gold Large Pearl Anklet Sale priceFrom $96
Silver baroque pearl bangle on a white backgroundSilver baroque pearl bangle around a wrsit with hands in a denim pocket
Silver Large Pearl AnkletSilver Large Pearl Anklet
White Gold Cluster Pearl BraceletWhite Gold Cluster Pearl Bracelet
White Gold Large Pearl AnkletWhite Gold Large Pearl Anklet