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Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery shining bright, we recommend giving it a little care over time. By using a soft, lint-free jewellery cloth, you can remove blemishes that result from body oils, perfumes and lotions, whilst protecting the finish on your beautiful Lily & Roo jewellery from future damage.

Top Tips

Avoid the five S's - Sleep, Shower, Swim, Sprays (perfumes) & Sweat (exercise).

Always ensure you fasten up your necklaces and store each piece individually in a cool, dry and dark place, to help prevent tarnishing occurring from pollution and sunlight.

All jewellery can tarnish over time, including solid gold. This is because even solid gold contains other alloys and it's these alloys that react and can oxidise. Some materials are less prone to tarnishing than others. To avoid tarnishing whilst your jewellery is not being worn, keep it in an airtight container. Moisture can also accelerate tarnishing whilst jewellery is not being worn, so make sure it's dry after removing and before storing. The good news is, unless tarnishing is caused by the jewellery coming into contact with certain chemicals, it can be simply be polished with a polishing cloth or cleaned using a dipping solution, and will be like new in no time.