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Jewellery Care

For maintaining the sparkle of your jewellery, regular care is essential. A gentle, lint-free cloth dedicated to jewellery care will help you wipe away marks left by body oils, perfumes, and lotions, safeguarding the perfect finish of your Lily & Roo pieces against future wear.

Care Tips:

  • Steer clear of the five S's: Sleep, Shower, Swim, Sprays (such as perfumes), and Sweat (during exercise).

Ensure your necklaces are securely fastened and store each item separately in a location that's cool, dry, and away from light to prevent tarnish caused by pollution and sunlight exposure.

All jewellery, including pieces made of solid gold, can tarnish over time due to the reaction of the alloys mixed with gold. However, certain materials are more resistant to tarnishing. To minimise tarnish when not wearing your jewellery, place it in an airtight container. Remember, moisture can hasten tarnishing when jewellery is not in use, so it's crucial to keep it dry after wearing and before storing. Fortunately, unless tarnish results from exposure to specific chemicals, a quick polish with a polishing cloth or a clean-up with a dipping solution can restore your jewellery's original luster in no time.