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Silver Necklaces

Explore our range of silver necklaces, a jewellery staple. If you're a silver lover, our delicate and modern designs are perfect to gift.

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Personalise meSilver Initial Letter NecklaceSilver Initial Letter Necklace
Silver Single Pearl NecklaceSilver Single Pearl Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Round St Christopher Medallion NecklaceSilver Small Round St Christopher Medallion Necklace
Silver Single Pearl ChokerSilver Single Pearl Choker
Silver Satellite Single Pearl ChokerSilver Satellite Single Pearl Choker
Silver Small Pearl Cluster ChokerSilver Small Pearl Cluster Choker
Silver Heart Pendant NecklaceSilver Heart Pendant Necklace
Personalise meSilver Special Date Calendar NecklaceSilver Special Date Calendar Necklace
Personalise meSilver curve initial letter necklace 'A'Silver curve initial letter necklace 'E' and 'M'
Engrave meSilver Mother of Pearl Spinning Disc NecklaceSilver Mother of Pearl Spinning Disc Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Round Engraved Disc NecklaceSilver Small Round Engraved Disc Necklace
Personalise meSilver Initial and Pearl Drop NecklaceSilver Initial and Pearl Drop Necklace
Silver Large Pearl Satellite NecklaceSilver Large Pearl Satellite Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Round Diamond Locket NecklaceSilver Small Round Diamond Locket Necklace
Silver Large Single Pearl NecklaceSilver Large Single Pearl Necklace
Silver Seed Pearl ChokerSilver Seed Pearl Choker
Engrave meSilver Small Heart Locket NecklaceSilver Small Heart Locket Necklace
Silver Twisted Rope Chain NecklaceSilver Twisted Rope Chain Necklace
Engrave meSilver St Christopher Octagonal Medallion NecklaceSilver St Christopher Octagonal Medallion Necklace
Silver Seed Pearl Lariat NecklaceSilver Seed Pearl Lariat Necklace
Silver beaded seed pearl chokeron a white backgroundSilver beaded seed pearl choker layered with a silver 'E' letter necklace and a silver satelite single pearl choker around a neck
Personalise meSilver Zodiac Birthstone NecklaceSilver Zodiac Birthstone Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Square Locket NecklaceSilver Small Square Locket Necklace
Personalise meSilver Glass Gemstone LocketSilver Glass Gemstone Locket
Silver Glass Gemstone Locket Sale priceFrom $185
Silver cross necklace on a white backgroundSilver cross necklace around a neck with a white V-neck top
Silver Cross Necklace Sale priceFrom $80
Silver Large Pearl Lariat NecklaceSilver Large Pearl Lariat Necklace
Engrave meSilver Large Round Locket NecklaceSilver Large Round Locket Necklace
Engrave meSilver Medium Round St Christopher NecklaceSilver Medium Round St Christopher Necklace
Silver Satellite Chain NecklaceSilver Satellite Chain Necklace
Silver Small Virgin Mary NecklaceSilver Small Virgin Mary Necklace
Engrave meSilver Large Round St Christopher Medallion NecklaceSilver Large Round St Christopher Medallion Necklace
Silver Pearl Cluster NecklaceSilver Pearl Cluster Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Octagonal St Christopher NecklaceSilver Small Octagonal St Christopher Necklace
Engrave meSilver Small Heart St Christopher NecklaceSilver Small Heart St Christopher Necklace
Silver diamond style marquise drop necklace on a white backgroundA curly haired woman wearing a silver diamond style marquise drop necklace, silver twisted rope necklace and silver symbol necklace around her neck
Silver Mini Pearl ChokerSilver Mini Pearl Choker
Engrave meSilver Small Diamond Style Disc NecklaceSilver Small Diamond Style Disc Necklace
Engrave meSilver Large Engraved Disc NecklaceSilver Large Engraved Disc Necklace
Silver Single Pearl Satellite NecklaceSilver Single Pearl Satellite Necklace
Silver Layered Pearl NecklaceSilver Layered Pearl Necklace
Silver Pearl Drop ChokerSilver Pearl Drop Choker
Silver Large Single Pearl ChokerSilver Large Single Pearl Choker
Silver Layered Large and Small Pearl ChokerSilver Layered Large and Small Pearl Choker
Personalise meSilver Glass Gemstone Teardrop LocketSilver Glass Gemstone Teardrop Locket
Silver Ten Pearl ChokerSilver Ten Pearl Choker
Silver Labradorite Gemstone ChokerSilver Labradorite Gemstone Choker
Silver Spinel Gemstone ChokerSilver Spinel Gemstone Choker
Silver Mini Pearl NecklaceSilver Mini Pearl Necklace