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Discover our rose gold necklaces, in a range of styles so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Rose gold necklaces have a blush tone and make a great gift. All our rose gold necklaces are handcrafted in our London studio.

Shop 14ct Filled & Solid 9ct Rose Gold Necklaces

Shop our collection of rose gold layered necklaces, chokers, initial charm and pearl necklaces. Our rose gold pieces are made with solid 9ct rose gold, 14ct filled rose gold or 18ct rose gold on 925 sterling silver.

Title: Rose Gold Necklaces | Rose Gold Layered Necklaces

Description: A rose gold necklace has a blush tone and is a wonderful gift. Shop our handcrafted rose gold necklaces, including rose gold layered necklaces and chokers.

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